building project
Building Projects

  Logistics and transport:  

Analysis of the logistical processes
Harmonisation of these processes
Internally & external transport
Warehousing & Stockmanagement

  Purchase and agreements  

Bests price & conditions (internationally)
Market - & analysis/ engineering
Introduction of framework agreements
Introduction of e commerce
negociation of contract management

  Facilities en installations  

Optimisation of infrastructure
Set up of maincontracting
Analysis of the facilitaire "kengetallen" (FKG)
measure methods
Quality activities
Facility Estate Concept

  Security, Quality and environment  

Prevention counsellor
Recommendation industrial safety
VCA consultant
quality costs
Ongoing optimising the total process




Project Managment

The successful realisation of a project asks a tailor-made job and skill discretion. We make feasibility analyses, give a practical interpretation to risk management, start projects, give second opinions and carry out project evaluations.
Chain consult develop market and contractstrategies and accompany on subcontracting routes. Moreover we make strategic plans for changing organisations and we make programmes of requirements for multipurpose infrastructure.



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